Mrs. Waters' Class    3rd and 4th Grade


Please call me at school if you have any questions.  The number in the office is 929-2691.  The school will leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. 



Week of October 23, 2017


Reading- 3rd- More Stories Jullian Told

                 4th- I Survived Hurricane Katrina/ Hurricanes

Readwell- Unit 6 Sir Henery  3rd and 4th

Reading Log Due Every Friday-  Please sign and return.

Comprehension Skills-  Main Idea, Building Reading Fluency


ELA- Short Vowel Sound Words


Math-  3rd Grade- I can mutiply given numbers.

             4th Grade   I Can factor numbers.

Review Basic Math Facts Using Zearn


Science/ Social Studies- Fricition


Important Dates-


October 26- Honors-   8:30-  1st and 2nd Grade

                                        9:15-  3rd and 4th Grade


October 27- Fall Carnival  6:00-8:00